Interior Painting During Vermont Winters

Benefits of Interior Painting During Vermont Winters

Winter in Vermont puts a hold on most home improvement projects, but fortunately, interior painting doesn’t have to be one of them! Believe it or not, there are actually several benefits to painting the interior of your home during the snowy season! 

The cost is lower and will save you time

During the winter, residential painting contractors in Vermont have a lot of free time. This decreased demand means lower prices for the few customers that need their painting services! When you call to schedule a job, you will find faster response times and lower costs, which will free up your summer hours and budget for fun activities and projects! 

Winter is a great time for indoor jobs

The snowy season in Vermont doesn’t give you a ton of options! You will have to wait for the warmer months for landscaping, gardening, exterior painting, other projects. Since you are stuck at home staring at your walls anyway, why not freshen up your space? 

a beautiful interior painting job. Green walls in a classy bedroom

Less humidity leads to faster drying times

Believe it or not, a paint job will dry much more quickly in the winter! The excessive amount of moisture in the air during Vermont summers reduces the ability of paint to adhere, making it more difficult to spread evenly. Winter weather, however, is cold and crisp, allowing for your paint to dry quicker and giving you a smooth and beautiful finish! 

Early and natural light

The sun always rises earlier in the winter, so you can get up, drink some coffee, and get started on your painting project in the day! Even better, the snow on the ground will reflect the light, providing natural light that will make it easier to find any spots that you have missed, and speed up the painting process in general! 

If you are interesting in an interior painting project this winter, A Blaze of Color is here to help! Contact us for a consultation!